White Snapdragon Single


Just like everything else at Pressed Floral, this piece is meant to last forever.


Real pressed flowers

Natural wood frame

Handmade paper backing

Linen matting


The White Snapdragon Single addition to your order for your special event.

Each frame will hold a single bloom, unless otherwise specified. Below are some reasons why this would be perfect for you. 

1. An add on for a gift to a friend or family member 

2. Another piece of art that you can display in your home 

3. A way to single out a special flower from your event, that deserves to stand alone 

Frame size: 8"x8" 

Linen Matting 

Handmade paper backing 

Display size 4"x4"

For orders that are not add ons from an event, these are reasons why this would be perfect for you. 

1. to preserve a flower that is special to you 

2. For a gift that holds a meaningful flower to someone you love 

3. If you want a custom piece of art for your home. 


Note that the customer provides the blooms for this product. If you are looking for pre-made pieces, check out the collection here.