Funeral Partnership Information Page

On average funeral homes across the nation service 120 funerals a year.

Our average order value for a funeral set is around $1,047

Our affiliate program allows our funeral partners to receive 15% commission on any sales they complete through referring our service to their clients.

With keeping in mind the average order value of our sets and the average amount of funerals serviced per year, you have the potential to receive $18,855 as a separate revenue stream at no cost to you but conversation.

recommendations on how to share your code

Through conversation with your clients. Through our experience, many families are more willing to spend money on floral arrangements for the their loved ones service knowing they have a way to preserve those blooms forever.

Adding this option to your website. Many families will take a look at your companies website to see the options, packages, and service you offer or vendors you recommend this would be a great place to plant your affiliate link.

Commission Piece for your location. Having a commission piece in your location allows your clients to see the stunning product first hand to get the conversation started with your clients.

If this is of interest to you email relations@pressedfloral.com

Email Campaigns. Email campaigns are a great way to remind your clients of everything you have to offer them at this important time and are a seamless way to attach your affiliate link.

Business Cards/Brochure. We would be happy to provide you with a brochure or business cards with your personal affiliate link in the form of a QR code that your clients take home with them.

affiliate program walkthrough video

This 30 second video will be a great tool to get you comfortable with the program! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to relations@pressedfloral.com our goal is to make your success as simple as possible.


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