Two ways to preserve your blooms after your event has passed

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1. Place order.

2. Check email for shipping instructions & next steps.

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Bloom Re-Creation

When determining the cost of a recreation, take into account the price of a frame based on your selected size and customizations, as well as the cost of the fresh blooms that will be quoted by our florist.

1. Place your order with us online. State in the customizations that this is a re-creation.

2. Create an ingredient list of blooms and/or provide a clear photo of your arrangement. Email to florist@pressedfloral.com, including your order number.

3. We will respond with a timeline and quote for the cost of your fresh blooms for recreation. Please note that recreations can cost as much as $150-$250. The cost of the blooms is in addition to your order.

Email our florist team