Sympathy Gifts

by Summer Luster
Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy Gifts

By: Summer Luster


Life is precious and fleeting, yet the love and memories our dear ones leave behind are enduring. Here are three personalized bereavement gifts that honor their memory, treasures to be cherished for generations. 

custom pressed frame

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Whether you are preserving memorial flowers, your loved ones favorite flowers, or the native flowers of their hometown, Pressed Floral works to make quality floral pieces that last forever. Sealed in a frame that time does not touch, these flowers symbolize the enduring love and memory of those that have departed. Frames can be made from the blooms of casket sprays and memorial service flowers. 

Design your custom frame here: Custom Frames


Funeral Casket Spray: Bloomique

11 x 14 Walnut Brown Pressed Floral Frame

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Personalized floral pendant

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Record of keepsake heirloom jewelry spans across cultures and history--from 18th century lovers eyes jewelry, hair lockets, and mourning rings to modern minimalist rings and charm bracelets.One take on timeless and sentimental tradition of heirloom jewelry is preserving a piece of nature connected to your loved one to keep their legacy close to your heart. Made with REAL remnants of flowers and botanicals, these delicate custom necklaces are made with the intention to seal a piece of your love forever. Whether you wear layers of necklaces, or gravitate toward minamalism, this pendant necklace is an elegant reminder of the legacy of our loved ones

  Design your custom necklace here: Pressed Floral Necklace

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Birth Flower charm


To celebrate the life of our loved ones, we can honor them with a flower symbolizing the month of their birth. Each charm is pre-made, and encapsulates a delicate bloom with the color of the flower dedicated to that month. So you can celebrate the life of those you love. With mix and match options, you can also have the option to create a custom necklace with fixed or floating birth flower charms to tell your story.

Browse the collection: Birth Flower Charms


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