Hey hey! We are so excited to work with your beautiful floral arrangement(s).

Below is the Purchase agreement. Before we can get started all the below items need to be understood. You will virtually sign this agreement when adding your Pressed Floral frame to your cart. By signing you understand and agree to all the below statements.

-I understand that by purchasing my Pressed Floral piece I give the artist creative liberty to design the bouquet frame how the artist believes will look best. "Customizations" will be considered, but are not required by our artists to follow.

-I understand that my "customizations" will be considered only when they have been submitted on my order, or on my account before we begin framing.

-I understand that once the frame is sealed shut there are no changes that can be made, including frame color.

-I understand that I am in charge of the shipping or drop off of my bouquet to Pressed Floral's shop.

-I understand that my bouquet will be worked with-in the condition that it is received.

-I understand that if my bouquet arrives and is deemed unworkable by Pressed Floral the order will be canceled and I will receive a refund.

-I understand that not all flowers in my bouquet will be used due to thickness, flower condition, or lack of space in the frame.

-I understand that during the pressing process flowers do fade and will change color/shade and appearance.

-I understand that no ribbons/pendants will be used in the final piece and if they are shipped with the flowers they may be discarded.

-I understand that if my shipping address changes prior to my frame being shipped, I am responsible for personally changing my address in my order through my account page.

-I understand that because of the delicate processes included in the preservation of flowers there are delays that can cause the finish time to be later than 12 weeks.

-I understand that if my bouquet is shipped outside of our store hours we will not be available to accept the package.

-I understand that I am responsible for the labeling of my bouquet and contents in my shipment box prior to shipping, if this is ignored I understand that contents may be discarded that are not labeled.

-I understand that our designers may design my bouquet in the frame size that would fit best the flowers provided if the frame size purchased is too large. I will be refunded the frame size difference and still will be sent an approval email.