the pressed floral journal

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The Pressed Floral Journal is an artistic space where you can press and preserve your sentimental flowers forever.

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History of herbariums and journaling


     Herbarium Journaling helped scientists to understanding the anatomy and medicinal qualities. Books were  way to transport their studies/findings.

     Did you know that Emily Dickinson was an avid gardener and kept her own herbarium? Not only was she a prolific writer, but she had a passion for plants. 

     For an extended look at the history of pressing flowers check out our blog here: The History of Floral Preservation in Journals


Page from Emily Dickinson’s herbarium (Houghton Library, Harvard University)


Page from Emily Dickinson’s herbarium (Houghton Library, Harvard University)


Pages from Emily Dickinson’s herbarium (Houghton Library, Harvard University)


     Journaling is an act of keeping record through writing, drawing, or collaging. Although diary and journal entries can be traced back as far as the 2nd century AD (1,800 years ago), in modern times, journaling has been used by scientists, writers, artists, and creative people alike to further their creative process– it helps to draw important new conclusions, process information, and reflect on findings.

     Due to the rise of technology and digital record keeping, journaling is now most often associated with bettering mental health practices. Science backs up the significance of physical journaling with improving cognitive function and processing stress, as well as significant life events.

     At Pressed Floral, we believe in the importance of recording life’s sentimental moments through a creative process. Just like no flower is alike, your memories and perspective on life is personal and significant to you. To emphasize the importance of this, we want our clients to have a hands-on, personalized way to preserve their memories. We wish to combine the historic herbarium arts and journaling to create a unique place to keep your memories. 

The Pressed floral journal

     The Pressed Floral Journal is a journal combining early methods of herbarium and modern pressing methods to create a space where you can let your creativity reign free. It is designed to let you delicately press and preserve chosen flowers for a lifetime while also giving you creative freedom to design, write, and draw in high quality pages. This Journal is a place to keep memories, sentimental or casual, in a journal next to flowers and botanicals you encounter throughout your life. The best part of the Pressed Floral Journal? Although the journal serves a purpose to help you press and preserve flowers, there is no wrong way to create.

In every Pressed Floral Journal, there are:

-Adjustable straps to press the pages of your journal firmly together while also making your journal portable and easy to travel with. 

-Step by step instructions on how to press your flowers in the journal.  

-Pages left to your creativity 

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How to use: some inspiration

The Pressed Floral Journal allows you to get messy, get creative, teach and learn together. Wondering how to use your Pressed Floral Journal? Here are some ideas!: 

NOTE: The fresher, flatter the flowers, the better they press. Flowers that are already dry and crispy will fall apart when pressed in the journal.



Cutout pictures from magazines, photo albums, other journals to make a personalized mood-board. Pro-Tip: Recycle materials from old scrapbook projects. Organize flowers into color pallattes and collage.  

create abstract art

Tear up pressed flowers, glue and sprinkle them on a page. Paint or use flowers to create a new, unique image.

Write all of your dreams and secrets.

Write down your deepest thoughts, goals, and personal every day happenings. Just need a place to jot down your grocery list? We don't judge.

Dedicate Pages to Loved Ones:

Press significant flowers in pages dedicated to experiences you have with those you love
Mothers: Write down milestones, funny sayings, or cute moments as your child grows up. Collage meaningful flowers onto those pages.
Lovers and Friends: Press flowers from significant events through your friendship or love story.
Children and Grandchildren: Ask your parents about their history. Learn their story and write down special moments. Press Flowers from their hometown or garden.

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Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 12.23.51 PM.png__PID:5f9a2947-d7a1-47d0-987a-f9d4b7de5f52Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 11.31.41 AM.png__PID:5b235c2e-245f-49ae-ab83-98864fe02d29
IMG_4552.JPG__PID:245f29ae-eb83-4886-8fe0-2d29163a9ad2 Cho Gi Seok.JPG__PID:026ed499-69cd-45c8-bf71-9ef5b39cb048

Art By: Cho Gi Seok

 Cho Gi Seok.JPG__PID:026ed499-69cd-45c8-bf71-9ef5b39cb048

Art By: Cho Gi Seok

keep Your Own Herbarium:

For those interested in learning plant anatomy, categorizing flowers into species groups, or simply keeping all of your pressed flowers in one place.  

Travel and press

Take your pressed journal just about everywhere--on a hike, to the farmer's market, to a big city, to a park, or even to sit in the coffee shop. You never know when you will find a beautiful piece of nature you want to preserve forever.

Create a community journal

Hand off the journal to every friend that goes on a vacation, and they can fill up pages with their own adventures to make up a collective history. Later, you can look back on all of your adventures together.

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