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Event and wedding planners are the masterminds behind gorgeous, unforgettable celebrations and life’s special moments. Their work emphasizes and balances all of the nuances of vendors, design, and sentiment to create moments that are felt as well as remembered forever.

How can you keep a piece of these events close to you forever? Well, that’s where our frames come in.

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Le Petite Prive

planner & designer


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florals: @sarahwinward
photo: @sammblake

Xin Huang, Planner of Le Petite Prive is a master of quality, elegance, and timelessness. Xin allows her “clients to really shine” in her work by letting her service “bring the beauty from their eyes.”

Xin has eight years of manufacturing and production experience under her belt and has expertise in “quality control, market research, and projection of trends,” but she says that the joy of producing events and weddings are “much more appreciated and intensified."

Above all, Xin inspires us because her company believes in the power of fun

“We think events should look good but feel fancy and be super FUN! Never stuffy. Never pretentious. Never too silly.”

If she were a flower, what would Xin be?:

“Some of my favorite childhood memories are rooted in the smell of jasmine. Such a simple small white flower but wow. Scent of summer and scent of warmth in Guangzhou China. (My home town).”

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Le Petite Prive

planner & designer

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photos: @madeleinecollinsphoto

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Elle & Co is a team of talented women whose designs and planning are sweet, detail-oriented and elegant. Their pink drapery and arrangements of pastel florals are a perfect combination of classical and preppy. If you hop on their beautifully designed website, they even have a curated list of products they recommend for brides.

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modern vintage events

planner & designer



Becca and Jessie of Modern Vintage events are flourishing story-tellers. Through their coordination and design, they are able to tell the story of their couples. There is a sincerity and personality that shines with their designs. Their love of timelessness in their celebrations that are remembered forever inspire us.



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planner & designer


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florals: @compassfloral


photo: @magifisher

The Team at Amorology work to create seamless, bright celebrations. Every picture in their portfolio feels like smelling ripe oranges and sweet roses. Their customizable planning structure leaves plenty of room to plan on framing florals from their beautiful events.

If the Amorology Team were flowers they would be:

"Japanese Anemone or Hellebore as we feel we are a mix of whimsy + playful and unexpected but still like to keep those classic design touches! We love a range of color and pairing unique textures together!We also adore Ranunculus and Fritillaria!Couldn't choose just one!”

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grit and grace inc

planner & designer


Rentals: @smthingvintage
photography: @abbyjiu
floral: @sweetrootvillage
venue: @conradwashingtondc
cinema: @claytonfilmco
printing: @czar
press @indigoinkprint
Branding & Papier: @emilybarddesign


photo: @abbyjiu, @lisaziesing
custom production: @socialsupplydesign
floral: @sophiefelts
paper: @cara.f.franson

Grit and Grace Inc is a team of creative women dedicated to designing brilliant, beautiful events and collaborating with talented vendors to create memorable and exciting events.

“Our designs are meant to be reflective of our clients and their story as a couple. We try to dig in deep to create tablescapes, menus and experiential design elements that emote uniqueness and a memory very particular to each client. Our goal is to never see another event like the ones that we do!”

What flower would Principal Designer, Laura Ritchie, be?

“I personally love sunflowers. They hold a very special personal meaning to me and remind me of my late mother, to which our company name is inspired by. She wrote in her diary before she passed that she would like "to live her life with grit and grace". I love that sunflowers stand tall, follow the sun and stand alone against the elements. I even have one little tiny tattoo (my only tattoo!) of a sunflower to remind me of those facts daily.”

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david beahm

planner & designer



David Beahm is a brilliant event designer who excels in designing dazzling, inventive events and collaborating with professional creatives. Every one of his events are extraordinary and drip with class. Whether your event is a small, intimate gathering, or a large corporate party, David treats as a canvas to create a masterpiece.

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anais events

planner & designer


photo: @mashaida.co
florals: @flowersbyedgar


Amrit Dhillon-Bains is a beloved worldwide event planner who specializes in beautiful, detail oriented, clever, and ravishing production and design. She is dedicated to her clients and works with stellar vendors to bring together events that will no doubt be remembered forever.


photo: @davidlaiweddings


photo: @Mpsinghphotography
florals: @flowersbyedgar

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