Why Do We Value Physical Keepsakes?

by Summer Luster
Why Do We Value Physical Keepsakes?

Why Do We Value Physical Keepsakes? 


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 How can we put a bundle of emotions, moments, or memories, in a single object? What occassion calls for buying a bespoke keepsake? A brief conversation with Karanda, manager of social media and collaborations at Wilson Diamonds, gives us some insight into the meaning of the importance of physical keepsakes.  


Talking with Karanda was like talking with a close friend who I've known for a long time. Karanda's childhood was filled with drives and visits past what she thought to be a magical local business always draped in twinkling fairy lights--Wilson Diamonds. Her parents, aunts, and family members would always honor their most meaningful memories by working with Wilson Diamonds to create timeless keepsakes, so Karanda was expected to work with Wilson Diamonds when the time came. Little did she know she would end up working for this little sparkling shop and gain a new-found love for helping people honor their memories through tangible, wearable pieces of art .   

We talked about the difficulties of capturing emotional moments through physical keepsakes. It's so important for artisans of thse treasured pieces to sincerely care about the moments behind the art they are creating. 

"it's an item that represents an experience or it represents a season of life or it represents a relationship and how can you so perfectly capture the feelings that somebody has in an item?...I don't think like a ring will ever represent the love that somebody has for you but we try"

There are SO many moments in life that we deem special and sentimental and memorable: Think births, graduations, weddings, holidays, anniversaries. It is in those moments we receive gifts as a celebration of life, hard work, perserverence, or the passing of time. But what we don't take into account are the times when you simply want something meaningful because you can. Karanda says that receiving a gift such as a diamond doesn’t have to be FROM someone else. Too often people think they aren’t allowed to indulge in something beautiful because they either didn’t earn it or need someone else to tell them they are worthy of this gift. 

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 "we believe life is a special occasion you know you don't need an anniversary, you don't need a husband, you don't need a retirement to buy yourself something nice if it's something you've always wanted you can afford it you deserve it"

Something we love about Wilson Diamonds is how they prioritize people and experiences over making a sale. Working with sentimental products, we cherish the moments that tell the stories behind the product, so when we see another business putting people first, we are always inspired.  

"we're not invested in their sales we're invested in their relationships them as people."

At Pressed Floral, we love connecting with businesses who share the same vision of truly caring about their clients and their experiences to create personal, quality keepsakes.   

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