We would love to assist in all stages of the preservation and artistry of your special blooms. We are here for your questions and want it to be a smooth and trusting process with all of our clients. Before reaching out to us, please read through our FAQ's as these contain our most commonly asked questions. If your question remains unanswered, please refer to the our contact information below to ensure you are contacting the correct department.

Current Clients: Please include your order number in your email with us so that we can better assist you.

Reorder or recreation requests

Please only reach out to our florist team if your order is a recreation or we suggested a reorder.

A comment was left on my account, what are the next steps? 

How will reordering affect my order?

Contact our florist team

Fulfillment Questions

Please only reach out to our fulfillment team if you have approved of your frame and it is preparing for shipment.

How do I take off "required signature"?

My frame arrived damaged what are the next steps?

Contact our fulfillment team
Wide frame moulding that is exclusive to Pressed Floral

Questions for our design team

Please only reach out to our design team if your blooms have reached this stage in the process and you have received a completed design photo.

Can I change my frame color/backing option?

I have a comment in regards to my design, what are the next steps?

Contact your artist

General questions

Please only reach out to our client care team if your question were not answered in our FAQS.

Contact our client care team