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Blooms with meaning

We adore the sentimental significance of blooms and believe they deserve to be cherished forever. Our mission is to preserve life's special moments through fine art. There's something truly extraordinary about gifting something with such deep meaning.


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Beige Pressed Floral Gift card
Beige Pressed Floral Gift card

Pressed Floral Gift card


Gift your friend, child, cousin, family, etc. a gift card to get their wedding bouquet preserved! This gift card will be able to be used at checkout.

This is not a physical card. You will be sent an email with the gift card code. However you would like to send the card to the giftee is up to you! 

If you would like a physical card please add the Physical packaged gift to your order and it will be shipped within 5-7 days.

Please note that gift cards are nonrefundable. 

Pressed Floral Journal - Pressed Floral
Pressed Floral Journal - Pressed Floral

Pressed Floral Journal


Preserve your memories with this beautiful Pressed Floral Journal. It features a unique two-in-one function, allowing you to both press and save precious blooms and store them for a lifetime. Everything you need to keep your memories alive is included. What's more, its elegant design makes it the perfect keepsake!

Preserved wedding bouquet with Peonies!
Preserved wedding bouquet with Peonies!


Our 16x20 size is our most popular option. Pressed Floral's preservation offers a timeless and luxuriously designed way to capture and preserve priceless memories. Crafted using top quality materials and flower preservation techniques by professional artists, this product ensures that your memories will last a lifetime. 
Birth Flower Necklace
Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Necklace


Our Birth Flower Necklace is a special, hand-made piece of jewelry, crafted to commemorate the recipient's birth flower. Each necklace is made with a gold-filled chain and an artistic representation of the birth flower. A sentimental gift to cherish and admire. Each bezel has 6-7 blooms. 


How to gift a custom piece start to finish


Choose from our selection of frame colors and sizes, as well as accessories to select the product you would like to gift your loved one. 


Follow our detailed shipping instructions or use our Bloom Shipping Box to get the blooms to Pressed Floral safely.


We will delicately preserve and design these special blooms into pieces of art to last forever. With updates for you to follow all along the way.


We safely package the product to deliiver to the final destination as a priceless gift that is a keepsake to last forever.


Our clients' stories are the reason why we do what we do. If you would like to submit the special story that blooms you have hold, we would love to share it with others.


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Marykate Fetters

Love, love, love the idea behind this. It is WELL WORTH THE WAIT. All the bridesmaids split the cost as a wedding gift for the bride. 

The picture will last her a lifetime. Highly recommend this company, the steps in their app help you watch the process and completely keeps you in the loop. They responded quickly everytime I asked for an update. Great company and a great idea for a keepsake

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