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Weddings are more than just a legally binding ceremony. They are personal, unique celebrations of love and new beginnings for a couple. Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a hassle, and while utensils and crock-pots are great registry items to buy last second, floral preservation is a unique and bespoke option that the bride and groom will cherish for years to come.

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I. Pressed Floral Frame


Give the perfect gift while also saving the couple stress about what to do with the flowers they spent so much money on. Here are some of the perfect wedding gift ideas. If the couple doesn’t already have floral preservation on their registry, they should. Put a bespoke frame on your registry here!

Our frames are bespoke pieces of art made from real pressed flowers from the wedding bouquet or florals. This gift is a life-long reminder of the cherished memories the couple made on their wedding day. Not only is this gift a reminder of the memories of their special day, but it also is a symbol of the love, devotion, and promises they made sealed in a beautiful forever frame.

All you need to do is gather the flowers after the celebration, and ship them to one of our shops ASAP with these instructions.

Celebration already passed or flowers turning brown? Although we cherish designing with the real blooms from celebrations, Pressed Floral offers a recreation option made with reordered flowers. Send us a picture of the bouquet or an ingredient list and we will give you a quote today!


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Kheng-14.jpg__PID:dc2ba596-1c66-42c7-b46d-7037aab2bb6bPreserved wedding bouquet in a frame with glass. Bride and groom flowers Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 2.09.03 PM.png__PID:68cf287c-7901-484a-9324-c975a6d1537d


Make this gift personalized by working with a designer to turn it into a frame the bride will cherish forever. 

Surprise gift? Pick a design and frame that matches the brides aesthetic! Our abstract and puzzled designs are great for those who are a bit avant-garde and modern while our traditional bouquet frames are great for those looking for that classy bouquet feel.

We offer personalizations such as adding vows or wedding invitations in the frame to have a way to cherish momentos of a wedding along with all of the sentimental blooms.  


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Preserved wedding bouquet in a frame with glass. Bride and groom flowers Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 4.09.49 PM.png__PID:cb650f98-1e5b-4725-adf3-385bb7e69ae4

shipping with our bloom box

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shipping with our bloom box

Stressed on the Who, When, Where, What of sending the brides flowers? Pressed Floral Bloom Boxes make things easy and saves you potentially hundreds of dollars on shipping and saves you stress of finding your own materials to send flowers! The Bloom Box is designed to arrive a week before the submitted event date and comes with all the materials you need to make shipping your flowers seamless. 

for more in depth shipping instructions click here

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ii. Custom pressed floral necklace

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Looking for the perfect accessory to gift? Pressed Floral offers gold-filled and sterling silver necklaces encasing pieces of their wedding bouquet or meaningful flowers from the celebration into a wearable art piece. Add it as an Add-on when checking out and we will set aside flower and botanical pieces to create a custom necklace.

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III. Pressed Floral journal

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The best DIY gift for newly-weds. The Pressed Floral journal can be used to scrapbook and store beautiful flowers for future memories they will continue to make. Whether that means pressing flowers from their travels, birthdays, anniversaries, there is something beautiful about keeping mementos from every milestone and memory in a journal you can make your own.

Comes with adjustable straps so you cam securely press flowers on the go.

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IV Pressed Floral Gift card

More of a hands-off gift giver? A Pressed Floral Gift Card is the best gift to give a couple that would rather handle the details of their floral gift themselves! It is a perfect option for those who want to give something special and chip in on a gift that couples will cherish for generations to come. 

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Light Gray 11x14
Light Gray 11x14


Preserved wedding bouquet with Peonies!
Preserved wedding bouquet with Peonies!


18x24 - Pressed Floral
18x24 - Pressed Floral


pressed flowers, preserved wedding bouquet, wedding tips, bridal dress, registry, wedding planning
pressed flowers, preserved wedding bouquet, wedding tips, bridal dress, registry, wedding planning