How to Ship Your Bouquet

Please note that the overall process takes 8-10 weeks.
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Shipping + Dropoff Address

Pressed Floral 
1799 N State St. Suite A
Orem, UT 84057

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm

Shipping Details

We do not send you anything for shipment, shipping to us is your responsibility. The customer is in charge of materials and shipping to us. Instruction on how to do so below! 

IMPORTANT: Please place a sheet of paper inside the box that has the order number on it! As well as a list of everything we should find in the box (if there is a boutonniere, a second bouquet, etc.)

The return shipping for your frame will be calculated at checkout. You will be responsible for getting your bouquet to us.

Remove any ribbons / pendants / papers / dress lace etc. that you want to keep before shipping!
We will discard them if they are not kept by you.

Flowers should be shipped quickly in a cool and safe environment. ONLY THE STEMS wrapped in a wet towel and then a plastic bag (so that it doesn't get the box wet). Be sure to add packing peanuts or crumbled paper to fill the empty space.

***If the flowers don’t come in workable condition, we cannot proceed*** 

Our shop is not open Saturdays, do not schedule a shipment to arrive on Saturday, or before our opening hours (Paying additional to have your package arrive before 10am overnight is not necessary, they will redeliver it during our hours. 

Other Tips

- Fragile upright box so that the bouquet doesn't get thrown around 

- DO NOT WRAP FLOWERS IN ANY KIND OF PLASTIC. This includes bubblewrap. 

- Crumbled paper, dry paper towels, packing peanuts, are all great options that are not plastic! 

- Make sure not to wrap the entire bouquet in a bag, keep the blossoms uncovered and away from moisture or they can mold

- Shipping them in a styrofoam cooler is an option, not necessary

- We suggest UPS as they tend to have the best rates and service

- You'll want to ship it either overnight or 1-2 day shipping, which can be expensive. If you cannot afford the cost of quick shipping, try a priority mailbox from USPS. This will bring down the cost, but will also get your flowers to us much later, which runs the risk of them coming in unworkable condition! 

Shipping an Already-Dried Bouquet

***Please place a paper in your box that states "already dried bouquet shadow box" along with your order number and all contents inside that we should expect to find***

Ground shipping works well for dried florals. Please add fragile stickers to your package and carefully pack the box with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or crumpled paper. The thicker your cardboard box, the better - this provides greater protection for your bouquet.

Have additional questions? Please contact us at 801-691-1821.

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