Hello dear client! We are so excited to work with your beautiful floral arrangement(s).

The terms and conditions of your purchase are contained in the Purchase Agreement, set forth below, and by continuing with the purchase, you are acknowledging and agreeing to each of the statements set forth herein.  In addition, the Purchase Agreement and these Terms and Conditions incorporate by reference the Terms of Service, which are additional terms of your use of the Website and Pressed Floral Services.  By checking that you have read the Terms and Conditions, which you are required to do as a condition of the purchase, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to each of the terms of the Terms and Services and the further statements set forth below.

-  I understand that I am solely responsible for the shipping or delivery of my bouquet to Pressed Floral’s shop, including all costs associated with that shipment or delivery.  I acknowledge and agree that Pressed Floral is not responsible for any damage to my flowers or bouquet that may occur during shipping or delivery and is not responsible for any packages or bouquets that are lost or delayed. I hereby waive any right or remedy against Pressed Floral for lost or damaged bouquets prior to delivery to the premises of Pressed Floral.

- I understand that it can take up to 3 business days for a photo to be uploaded to my account upon confirmation of delivery from my shipping carrier.

- I understand that by purchasing my Pressed Floral piece, I give the artist assigned by Pressed Floral complete creative liberty to design the bouquet frame how the artist, in their sole discretion, believes will look best.  “Customizations” will be considered by the artist, but the artist is not bound by the terms of any “customization.”

- I understand that my "customizations" will be considered only when they have been submitted on my order, or on my account before we begin framing.

- I understand that once the frame is sealed shut there are no changes that can be made, including frame color or material.

- I understand that if a bouquet is damaged or lost during shipping or delivery, Pressed Floral will refund only up to the amount paid by me to Pressed Floral and will not be responsible for the value of the bouquet or flowers or any other incidental loss or damages.

- I understand that the Bloom Shipping Box is only able to be refunded 50% subject to the box being returned back to us. If the box can not be sent back to us, it is not eligible for a refund.

-I understand that Pressed Floral is not responsible for the blooms during transit, if lost, damaged, or stolen. 

- I understand that Pressed Floral may, in its sole discretion, refund up to the total amount of my payment for the order with Pressed Floral in the event of my dissatisfaction or damage to the bouquet or flowers,  but I hereby waive any claim for damages to the bouquet or flowers, (or for any other claim against Pressed Floral), for any amount above the amount paid by me to Pressed Floral. 

- I understand that my bouquet will be worked with-in the condition that it is received.

- I understand that if my bouquet is unworkable due to bugs or mold, it is unable to be sent back to me and will be discarded.

- I understand that if my bouquet arrives and is deemed unworkable by Pressed Floral the order will be canceled and I will receive a refund.

- I understand that not all flowers in my bouquet will be used due to thickness, flower condition, or lack of space in the frame.

- I understand that during the preservation process flowers do fade and will change color/shade and appearance. White flowers are more prone to browning. Read our blog post on this topic to understand even further.

- I understand that my flowers are preserved naturally and may dull or lose pigment with age.

- I understand that Pressed Floral has the right to seal and safely package my piece within 3 days of requesting approval of my finished design.

- I understand that no ribbons/pendants/lace will be used in the final piece and if they are shipped with the flowers that I am responsible to pay the cost to have them returned to me or they will be discarded.

- I understand that the any wires, adhesives, pins, or other ways of securing my blooms used by my florist may result in deeming my blooms unworkable. 

- I understand that once my blooms have begun the preservation processes, they are unable to be sent back to me unless included in my designed frame.

- I understand that if my shipping address changes prior to my frame being shipped, I am responsible for personally changing my address in my order through my account page.

- I understand that the turnaround time corresponding with my event date is subject to change due to various events that could delay Pressed Floral's delicate preservation process. This includes but is not limited to a flower reorder. 

- I understand that if my bouquet is shipped outside of our store hours Pressed Floral will not be available to accept the package.

- I understand that I am responsible for the labeling of my bouquet and contents in my shipment box prior to shipping, if this is ignored I understand that contents may be discarded that are not labeled.

- I understand that our designers may design my bouquet in the frame size that would fit best the flowers provided if the frame size purchased is too large. I will be refunded the frame size difference and still will be sent an approval email. 

- I understand that a signature is required upon delivery of my final frame due to its extremely sentimental value and overall cost to ensure that the correct person is receiving this piece. If I choose to remove this signature requirement, I understand that it needs to be done by emailing the fulfillment team before my order has been shipped to me.

- I understand that once my frame has been shipped, Pressed Floral is unable to schedule delivery, change the shipping address or remove the signature requirement. 

- I understand that if my frame is damaged due to carrier shipment, Pressed Floral may send a return label (up to 14 days after the arrival of the frame) to repair the piece. If my frame is damaged due to mishandling or other circumstances, I have an option for frame repair that varies in cost depending on the size of my frame. 

- I understand that my order cannot be shipped to me until all outstanding balances have been paid.

- I understand that all unclaimed bouquets will continue to be preserved but will be discarded after 6 months from the day they were delivered to Pressed Floral.

- I understand that the resin in my Pressed Floral necklace may yellow over time.

- I understand that my Pressed Floral necklace does not require prior approval before it is shipped to me.



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Pressed Floral made my a frame of my bridal bouquet! It is absolutely gorgeous! A sentiment I will cherish forever!! They were a pleasure to work with, would recommend them to anyone! Thank you for your hard work!

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