Realistic Expectations for Your Preserved Bouquet

Realistic Expectations for Your Preserved Bouquet

Realistic Expectations for Your Preserved Bouquet

At Pressed Floral, we do everything in our power to make your frame look beautiful. It’s something you’ll keep forever, so we want to ensure you love it! However, there are things which are out of our control that can make your flowers and/or frame look different than how you may have anticipated. 

There are certain flowers which look different pressed than they do fresh. This can be confusing, as we often have a vision of certain flowers and then they look different when they’re fully preserved. Some flowers which may look different are dahlias, lisianthus, hypercum berries, and chrysanthemums.


If your flowers arrive to us in poor condition, they may start to brown during the preservation process. White flowers tend to brown more than any other color, especially white roses. We do our best to guarantee the blooms are being pressed in the highest quality atmosphere, but browning is not something we can control. 

Changing color

There are some flowers that turn a different color (either slightly or drastically) during the preservation process. Pink flowers tend to have a lilac tint, red roses turn purple, white lisianthus turn pale yellow, purple lisianthus turn blue, bright pink anthuriums turn light purple, and snapdragons tend to lose their color slightly. Our florals are preserved naturally, which in turn, means that they will age naturally as well. Blooms will naturally change color with age. This means that your white blooms, along with others, may dull or lose pigment. At Pressed Floral all of our glass is 100% UV protected to help avoid this from happening. This can also be avoided by displaying your piece out of direct sunlight and humid areas.  

Frame sizing 

There are factors that may contribute to your frame not looking “full” enough. First, there aren’t enough flowers for the size of frame purchased. We do our best to stay in contact throughout the preservation process if this issue arises. If this is the case, we will notify you and offer the option to order from a local florist. Those fresh flowers will then be used to replace the unworkable blooms. The alternative option is to resize to a smaller frame. The condition of the blooms upon arrival will determine what flowers make it to the next step in our preservation process. 

Second, the frame is too large. Resizing to a smaller frame can make it so your flowers fill the whole frame to look more “full”. Lastly, flowers tend to shrink when they dry. Some smaller and filler flowers like zinnias, tweedia, and chamomile will look smaller when pressed than they did in your fresh bouquet. This can make it seem like there aren’t as many flowers in your frame.

Finally, our design team sends an approval photo to every single customer before the preserved bouquet is shipped. You have the power to disapprove of a frame once it’s been designed if it isn’t perfect. From there, you will make any suggestions and comments to ensure it looks just how you want it to, but keep in mind that we can’t change what the flowers look like once they’re pressed. If you’re worried about any of these issues regarding your flowers, feel free to contact us by calling (801) 691-1821 or emailing customer service [email protected]