frequently asked questions

General questions

The process of floral preservation is very delicate and timely. We are happy to outline the steps in our process so that you better understand what your blooms will experience while in our care.
1. An order will be placed by you, with the size and color of frame, as well as any other customizations you have. 

2. When it comes time, you will send your blooms to us. It is important to follow our shipping instructions or use our bloom box to send your blooms safely.
3. Upon arrival we will upload a photo of your fresh arrangement within 48 hours of the delivery of your blooms. This will allow you to see the condition of your blooms upon arrival.
4. Your blooms will then enter the timely and delicate preservation process. Your blooms will be carefully cared for in the right environment by your preservation specialist. 
5. After your blooms are fully dry and preserved, your flowers will then be assigned to a designer. They are trained professionals and will carefully arrange the flowers in your chosen design style while taking into account any customizations made by you. 

6. Your designer will then upload a photo to your account for you to approve or request revisions. You will then have the oppurtunity to message your designer back and forth to ensure your final design is perfect.
7. Once it is approved, your piece will be prepared for shipment. This process includes multiple quality checks to ensure it is up to our standards before it is packaged up. 

8. Your frame is then very carefully packaged and sent off to your home to be signed upon delivery.

All of these stages are also outlined in our Pressed Floral App so that you can carefully follow along in the process of your blooms.

We recommend freshly cutting the stems and putting the arrangement in a vase of cool water, out of direct sunlight. It is not recommended that your arrangement is put in the fridge. 

Blooms that have been dried already, will crumble if attempted to be pressed. For already dried blooms, you can explore the options below. 

Explore Options

We do not typically offer discounts of any kind. However, we do offer multiple sizes and products to cater to all budgets.

Our turnaround times vary and can range anywhere between 12-20 weeks. 

We send out bi-weekly bloom updates through email while your blooms are being preserved to give you a more accurate time frame. Our app also walks you through the process and shows what stage your blooms are in. 

Please refer to our turnaround times page to get a better idea of what to expect. 

Turnaround Times

We recommend booking at your earliest convenience to coordinate how you will be getting the flowers to us but you can order as soon as today or as late as right after your event day!

Getting my blooms to Pressed Floral

Yes of course, please come to our showroom during our open hours! We also have accessories and premade frames available for purchase in store.

Utah Location
1799 N State Street
Orem, UT 84057
Georgia Location
1425 Ellsworth Industrial NW
Suite 31, Atlanta, GA 30318

Open hours
Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm

If your event is over the weekend, we recommend cutting the stems and putting in cool water and out of direct sunlight until you are able to drop off. It is not recommended that your arrangement is put in the fridge.

Our clients safely ship their blooms from all over the country. It is important to get your blooms to us quickly and well packaged. You can ship your blooms on your own or you have the option to purchase our Bloom Shipping Box.  

Our shipping instructions are laid out to show you how to safely package your blooms on your own and what shipping we recommend. We also have our bloom box which was created with you in mind. All materials and shipping costs are included for your shipment, regardless of where you are located. Our Bloom Shipping Box saves our clients' on average $300 in shipping costs. 

Our Shipping InstructionsBloom Shipping Box

The bloom box is set to automatically ship one month before the event date using the shipping method selected upon checkout. This is so that you do not need to store the shipping box for a long period of time before use and it ensures that the shipping label will not expire (the label can expire after 90 days of no use).

Please let us know if you need it sooner and we would be happy to coordinate this!

We have the option at checkout for Bloom Protection. This can provide peace of mind for your blooms during shipment. This service is optional. 

If you do not select Bloom Protection at checkout and some of your blooms don't make it upon arrival, our team will reach out to you. You will have the option to work with our florist to replace any blooms that arrived unworkable. 


This is protection for your blooms in the event that they arrive to our shop too wilted or damaged. If you ship your blooms to us within the time frame and follow all of our instructions, you are eligible for any damaged blooms to be replaced by fresh blooms from our inventory. 

This also protects arrangements that may have been lost in shipment. Orders that have bloom protection may qualify to recieve a recreation of your arrangement that was lost and did not arrive to our shop. Please read more below about our Bloom Protection.

We highly recommend Bloom Protection but it is not mandatory and can be removed from your cart before checking out!


We partner with Recura, a shipping protection company to safeguard your final product. Shipping protection covers your finished frame package in the rare event the package becomes lost or damaged. In this case you would be ensured for either a full recreation or a full refund on your order with Pressed Floral. 

If you do have a shipment that you need to report as lost, please file a claim here:

We recommend that all blooms arrive to us within 5 days of your event date. Use Overnight Shipping or UPS 2nd Day Air to get your blooms to us on time. 

If you select Bloom Protection at checkout, the blooms must be recieved by Pressed Floral within 5 days in order to qualify. 

We recommend keeping all blooms intact inside of the arrangement/bouquet/bunch and to not dismember any petals or blooms. Our professional preservation team will take care of the preservation from start to finish. 

The Pressed Floral App

Our custom app was designed to keep you informed every step of the way and be used as a tool to communicate with you. You will be able to see your order go through every step of the process and we will use it to upload a photo of your bouquet upon arrival to our shop as well as photo of your designed piece. 

The app can also be used to update your shipping address, make comments about your order, contact our team through direct messaging, and share your event photos with our team! 

All statuses typically change every 14 days. We send our clients a bi-weekly bloom update email so you know what to expect and where we are in the process with your order!

The stage that takes the longest is our Ready to Frame stage. This stage doesn't change status until your arrangement has been designed by your assigned designer. Depending on the season, your blooms may be in this stage for 2-4 weeks. Please refer to the bi-weekly email when in this stage!

Your mobile phone can download our Pressed Floral app from the app store.

The app can also be accessed on desktop and mobile through a web browser.

The code for the app registration would have been sent in an email with the subject line, "WELCOME TO PRESSED FLORAL." Please contact our client care team if you cannot locate this email and we would be happy to send you a new unique code to register.



We automatically have signature required on our custom products. This means that the package will not deliver unless it has been signed for by the correct recipient. 

We add this to all custom orders to ensure the package will not be stolen on the doorstep or delivered to the wrong home. These packages are priceless! If you work all day and do not want to have signature required, please contact our fulfillment team and they will happily remove that from your package.


If you are located in Canada or Mexico, blooms often times get to us in great condition. If you are located in a country that is farther, we want to be transparent about the risks of shipping your precious blooms.

Many internationally shipped blooms do not arrive in workable condition and do not get here in the amount of time a carrier promises. We can work with any order that arrives workable, so please keep this risk in mind when sending your blooms.

You are in charge of all fees, shipping costs, and customs associated with blooms and the final piece crossing the border.

We recommend a recreation instead of shipping internationally. 

Your shipping address can be changed at any point up until your order is being prepared for shipment. 

Your shipping address can be edited in our Pressed Floral App or by our team if you send us an email with your order number and new address you would like your order to be shipped to. 


Please allow for our team to upload your arrangement within 48 hours of it being delivered to our shop. Thank you for your patience! We are so excited to work with your blooms. 


No, please do not send these items to us as cannot include them in the finalized piece. If they are sent, we will discard of them as they cannot be utilized and it is stated in our shipping instructions to not ship these items.

Yes of course. We have worked with many clients who have blooms from memorial events and funerals. We cherish the opportunity to preserve something so meaningful to remember a loved one's life. All of our frame sizes, colors, and options are available for these events as well. 

We can press any and all types of blooms regardless of the arrangement that they are in. We have seen blooms from gardens, arches, anniversaries, baby births, and many more!

We cherish the opportunity to preserve something so meaningful for all types of events and arrangements. All of our frame sizes, colors, and options are available. 

Due to the thickness limit of our frames, there are a few flowers that we are unable to press. These include, but are not limited to: articifial flowers, silver brunia balls, some pincushions, billy balls, cacti, pinecones, additional fruits and vegetables, pendants, and holly berry. 

We can work with many customizations. This includes incorporating paper goods into our custom frames. Please send your wedding invitation, vows, obituary, photos, or other paper goods that you would like included with your bouquet. 

If you are shipping these paper goods with your bouquet, put it in a ziploc bag and between two pieces of cardstock/cardboard so that it stays safe and the moisture from the flowers doesn't damage it. If shipping it seperately, make sure to include the name and order number so we can add it to your flowers. We will let you know if your paper/photo is too thick to be included into our frames.

No, we do not stamp, write on, or brand any frames. If this is somthing that you envision, our team would be happy to recommend professionals that you may be able to reach out to after the piece is completed with Pressed Floral that could brand your piece with a date, name, or other customizations.

No worries! You are able to make any changes throughout the process. Only once the design is approved and sealed is when all aspects are finalized and cannot be changed.

Payment, Refunds, and Returns

We will need some form of payment in place to move forward with the order. We have a couple of payment options in place for you. You are welcome to pay in full or have payment installments. Shop Pay is how you would utilize the payment plan and this is accessible on each product page. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

If we have not received blooms yet and you want to cancel, we can provide a full refund. Our product and service is nonrefundable once your blooms have arrived to our shop (unless your blooms arrive unworkable and you request a refund instead of a recreation).

If you purchased a bloom box, it is only eligible for a 50% refund. If you wish to do this, please reach out to us and we will provide you with a new return label in order to get the box back to us. Please email us to get more information on returning your unused bloom box. 

Our preservation specialists and designers are professionals and are trained to use the very best blooms in your finalized piece. We do our best to utilize all blooms that were sent. In the rare event that there are extra flowers left over, we could certainly add more pieces to your order! However, due to the fragile nature of blooms and the way they are preserved we are unable to send any unsealed blooms back.

Our packaging is top quality for our fragile product. In the rare case that your arrangement does arrive damaged, please contact us as soon as possible! We will happily coordinate your piece to be repaired at no additional cost to you!

Please contact our team! This product is so special and it is made to last forever. Accidents happen and we understand that styles change. We are happy to work with you on your unique situation. Please reach out to our client care team to coordinate how to move forward.