Five Things you can do to Enhance the Look of Your Frame.

Five Things you can do to Enhance the Look of Your Frame.

Five Things you can do to Enhance the Look of Your Frame.

Have a variety of flowers in your bouquet

All rose bouquets are absolutely gorgeous and in style, but they are not the ideal bouquet for bouquet preservation. From the perspective of a bouquet preservation professional, a variety of blooms elevates the look of your final piece. A variety of blooms creates more interest and movement in the frame. It allows for empty space to be filled and the bouquet to come to life! Our bouquets that are the most popular on social media are the bouquets that have a variety of filler flowers and focus flowers. If your bouquet is solely one flower type, we can still preserve your piece. We do, however, believe that it is essential to have a variety of sizes, shapes, and species of flowers in your bouquet. 

Have a variety of colors in your bouquet - and avoid white

While all-white bouquets are more traditional, a bouquet with vivid and varied colors is going to catch the eye much more when pressed. Have your bouquet match your wedding colors! This will bring a pop of color to your wedding photos as well as your wall once it’s pressed. Colorful florals also provide a better-finished product after preservation, as white blooms don’t always stay bright white. A bouquet with all of the same color blooms can also blend into each other. When there are different colors, it can be easy to see what flower is which, even from a distance. 

Flower colors such as oranges, blues, purples, and yellows preserve beautifully. These colors also tend to hold their color better over time. We suggest adding one of these colors to your bouquet to have a show-stopper finished design. 


Have greenery in your bouquet

Greenery is very important when making your frame look “full''. It also adds texture and color to create balance in your frame. No need to go overboard; we want the flowers to shine! A little greenery goes a long way. 

The greenery creates layers to your piece so that your flowers are the main event; it can create a three-dimensional aspect of your flat flowers. Greenery also helps with the contrast of small detailed filler flowers. Greenery keeps the movement from the day of your wedding and adds structure to your final design. Pressed Floral’s founder, Sarah Ebert, had a bouquet on her wedding day with ZERO greenery (How could she). However, she knew the importance of greenery and added greenery to her final piece. If your bouquet on the day of your event has no greenery but you want to add some for your final frame design, email us! We will make sure that we use greenery to elevate your final design. Some of our favorites are Italian Ruscus, spiral eucalyptus, nagi, and dusty miller. 

Send us your flowers ASAP.

The sooner we get your blooms, the better! We can typically work with your flowers within seven days of your event. However, certain flowers wilt very quickly, and that can affect the way they press. Similarly, we want to prevent browning, so receiving the blooms before they begin to wilt is crucial. If you can’t get them to us quickly, make sure to keep the stems in water and store the blooms in a cool place (like a fridge) until you can send them. Make sure they don’t freeze, as that will ensure they are unworkable. We recommend overnighting your florals with the fastest shipping option possible, preferably through UPS. 

Package your florals correctly.

Too often, we receive bouquets that are/were gorgeous but come wrapped entirely in plastic. This accelerates the decomposition process, and they begin to brown or mold. Plastic traps heat and moisture, so packaging your blooms with plastic in the box is discouraged. We have opened too many packages that may not have followed shipping instructions, and the blooms had molded before they even entered our hands. NO plastic is essential, especially in the hot summer months. Make sure to read our shipping and packaging instructions here to know how to send your blooms to us in the best, workable condition possible! 

We are so excited to receive your bouquet and create a sentimental piece of art for you!