A Beautiful Transformation

How should I expect my flowers to change color when preserved?

Flowers are one of the most beautiful aspects of any wedding.

Preserving them properly is important to any bride who wishes to save a special piece from their day. It is magic. There is no secret that flowers can and will change color throughout the preservation process. However, it can be difficult to imagine what to expect your beautiful bouquet to look like once it is pressed and framed. Some flowers retain their vibrant colors with little to no change, others fade, and some even change colors completely!

My own wedding bouquet consisted of quicksand roses, toffee roses, light pink roses, and other soft, sunset like, neutral tones. After being pressed, it is more of a lavender color scheme than its original champagne and tan color scheme. Nonetheless, it is beautiful and I love that it is still my own original flowers from my wedding day. A change in color does not take away from its beauty or make it any less sentimental to me.

As a rule of thumb, brighter flowers tend to hold their color better than pastels. Pastels still turn out beautiful but tend to fade to a lighter version of their original color. White flowers can stay white if they are in good condition when pressed, but are prone to turning yellow or brown if they are pressed after they are already deteriorating. White flowers are also easy to fade and brown over time.

The beauty of flower preservation is the sentimental priceless value of the art piece that is unique to you and your special day. Always note that blooms will change in the preservation process, and will continue to fade over time. This is the beauty of it all. The natural and original value of your personal blooms to keep forever.

Here is a simple guide to give you an idea of what your flowers will look like once they are pressed and preserved forever: