Wedding Horror Stories

Wedding Horror Stories

Wedding Horror Stories

Our blogs are back! To start strong, we asked our team members and Instagram followers (@pressedfloral_) for their worst wedding horror stories! We received some shocking tales. We hope by sharing these stories it can allow those of you who aren’t married to avoid a tragedy from happening!


“The morning of the wedding I went to get my hair bleach washed and the hairdresser left it in too long and my roots were orange for my wedding day. She tried to fix it and it wasn’t great. I felt like my hair had spots of blonde in the photos. She ended up fixing it for free after my honeymoon. By that point it was too late.” 

“My best friend’s entire acrylic nail and real nail got torn off the morning of the wedding right before she went to the ceremony.”

“My custom dress was made 4 inches too small all over. Including the waist, length, and bust.”

Wedding Planning:

“I spent a year planning my wedding. I spent months working with a wedding planner on decorations, layout, and catering. When I arrived at my wedding they had sent all of my decorations to a different wedding venue three hours away. This included all of my first look and bridal pictures that I had printed out. I was so heartbroken. I had my whole outdoor reception with no decorations, no tablecloths, no pictures, and no flowers.”

“Our caterer brought alcohol for the wrong wedding, so we didn’t get our signature drink.” 

“Having to ask the photographer to get off of her phone and take pictures the entire time”

“My friend’s photographer never put a memory card in the camera... found out the next day. It was awful!! She didn’t even get a refund. The photographer kept the $2,000 deposit and begged for forgiveness. She had an assistant so we got the assistant’s pictures (which weren’t good since she was training.) All of the family pictures, first look pictures, etc. just gone! My friend was the best sport about it though thankfully.”

“Our videographer didn’t show up”

“4 months before my wedding my florist and event designer dissolved their partnership”

“I ordered my wedding shoes and received two lefts with less than 48 hours until the ceremony”


“I know a girl allergic to shellfish and accidentally ate some at her cocktail hour. Her entire face was puffy for the duration of the reception. Her face is so swollen in all of her first dance photos.”

“Groom got sick during dinner; bride/groom/MOTB had to leave, guests stayed to enjoy”

“I literally got the flu in the middle of my reception and could not stop throwing up”

“My whole wedding party got food poisoning. Luckily my husband and I didn’t.”

“I had family members that faked Covid because they didn't want to come.”

Wedding party and guests: 

“My bridesmaid broke her dress zipper, didn’t come for photos, and didn’t participate in the ceremony.”

“Groomsmen quit on us three days before the wedding”

“Our old landlord we had to sue due to damages was one of our servers.”

“Had a kid throw up on the dance floor, I didn't notice and my dress slid into it”

“Father-in-law crashed his car in the parking lot. We don’t talk.”

Other tragic events:

“Someone stole my bouquet my wedding night but we found it the next morning”

“Forgetting my bouquet when I walked down the aisle!”

“We forgot our rings AND marriage license for our ceremony”

“It poured rain 15 minutes before my OUTDOOR ceremony started and all night long.”

These are some of the most tragic stories we have heard happen at weddings. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan or how careful you are, some of the most unexpected events will come up. 

Our top 5 tips for a smooth wedding are: 

  1. Assign someone to get you a box of food from your caterer for when you leave. This way you won’t be starving after the reception! 
  2. Plan out every detail, no matter how much time it takes. 
  3. Take a morning relaxation walk or run to calm the nerves. 
  4. Do a trial run of makeup and hair. This way you will be able to plan out the timing for your wedding day and change anything you don’t love about the look.
  5. Assign people specific responsibilities so that things will go according to plan on the wedding day. You will be too busy and want to enjoy your day without stress!

Good luck! If you have already had a wedding, consider yourself lucky if it went by without any of these major mishaps!