Non-traditional Wedding Ideas

Non-traditional Wedding Ideas

Non-traditional Wedding Ideas

We love all things unique at Pressed Floral, which inspired our blog this week! We’re talking about non-traditional wedding ideas! If you are looking for ways to change the norm and fit the vibe of your wedding, this blog is for you! We asked on our instagram (@Pressedfloral_) for ideas that our followers did, or are planning to do. These are categorized to touch on each part of the wedding process, so your entire wedding can be unique and more memorable! 

We saw that a way to find ideas is to incorporate culture in a fun, unique way. We had followers who showcased their ethnicity through origami or mariachi bands!


Planning process: 

  • Ceremony and reception on different days, you get to wear the dress twice
  • Fifteen person private ceremony, then a 300 person party 
  • Small ceremony, honeymoon, then a large party!
  • No bridal party. This makes the day solely about the bride and groom and lets friends come and enjoy with no stress.
  • VRBO/ AirBnB house for ceremony/ bridal party 
  • All dried flowers rather than fresh blooms 

Day before the ceremony: Family dinner rather than a rehearsal dinner with everyone

Day of the ceremony: 


  • Morning family brunch, then have the reception with everyone else
  • Read vows to each other in private before the ceremony


  • Crossword puzzle on wedding programs with trivia about the bride and groom
  • Mirco wedding in a ghost town
  • Walk down aisle with fiance rather than father figure
  • Have family sit on opposite sides so that they can see your face
  • Champagne toast by the groomsmen instead of reading vows
  • “We had our 1001st as our unity ceremony. It had our vows written on each side.” 
  • Flower Fellas instead of Flower Girls 


  • Giant paint by number instead of a guest book
  • Scrapbook of your love story and use it as the guest book
  • No parents in the receiving line which allows to stay on schedule or on time
  • Shot of the hour by waitstaff with sparklers
  • Live music - one of our followers had Andy Grammar sing at their wedding
  • Played classics and oldies only - everyone danced and felt elevated
  • Mariachi Band
  • Scavenger hunt with the last item being the $1 bills instead of a dollar dance
  • Exit was in a canoe with venue right on the river
  • Origami cranes as table pieces
  • Ladies dance instead of bouquet toss
  • Go out to a hotel bar after, still in wedding attire and dance


  • Slushy machine for a fun way to beat the heat
  • Wood Fired Pizza Truck Catering
  • Dairy queen blizzards
  • Churro cart for dessert in addition to the cake 
  • Gyro Bar
  • Dog treat favors
  • Rolled ice cream cart
  • Hot dog truck
  • Cotton candy cake

We hope that this week’s blog will bring some unique ideas to light that you can implement into your wedding planning process! Everyone deserves a wedding that will fit them and their partner's personality in order to make it the most memorable day of their lives. 


Tommi Batty