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3 Reasons to Use a Professional for Wedding Bouquet Preservation

3 Reasons to Use a Professional for Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Your wedding may be just one day, but that one day reflects a commitment to a lifetime of love. For many couples, extending the memory of that special day is part of every bridal budget. While you make room in your budget for professional photographs and videos, you may not think of how to preserve the memories of your flowers. You invest a lot of time and money to get the flowers just right, and wedding bouquet preservation gives you a way to make the most of the investment.

When you’re planning your wedding, you may feel overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make, and the last thing you may want to think about is another item to plan for. However, by planning for professional preservation of your flowers, you can be sure to have a distinctive element of your wedding transformed into a beautifully framed piece that gracefully speaks to the special commitment you made.

wedding bouquet preservation

1. Extends the Value of Your Wedding Flowers

You spend months selecting every detail of your wedding flowers, down to the smallest piece of greenery, and you spend a lot of money on professionally created bouquets. However, these flowers remain on display for only a few hours on one day, and typically a bride only has a few photos of the flowers where the bouquet is simply an ornament, not the centerpiece.

A professionally preserved bridal bouquet extends the memory, beauty, and especially the value of your flowers. After spending so much of your wedding budget on stunning floral displays, professional wedding bouquet preservation keeps your bouquet highlighted for decades to come.

Your bouquet is the one thing you carry with you on your wedding day, and couples often talk of how quickly the day goes by. So having a professionally preserved bouquet creates a framed display that gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful flowers you put some much time, money, and thoughtfulness into.

2. Gives You a Quality Product Through a Professional Process

No matter how big your wedding budget is, you still probably look for ways to save money, but while you can find a lot of DIY methods for drying your flowers, none are as beautiful or result in the quality you get from professional preservation.

Aside from the bouquet you toss to family and friends, you only have one bridal bouquet, and if you take a chance by attempting to preserve your flowers yourself, you risk ruining the very flowers you want to cherish. However, using a professional service gives your bouquet the quality attention and expertise it deserves to create a lasting treasure. With professional preservation, you can count on:

  • Expertise in pressing flower types: Professionals know how to press each particular flower for maximum preservation quality. With each flower type being different in so many ways and requiring special attention, you should trust flower preservation like how you trusted your florist. You trusted your florist to arrange and care for the flowers so that they looked fresh and beautiful the day of your wedding. After your wedding, if you use a professional to care for your flowers, you can rest assured that they know how to press and arrange each flower type beautifully. You can also ask the pros about tips for selecting your wedding day flowers so that you choose ones that provide maximum results during preservation.
  • Expertise in flower condition: The better condition your flowers are in, the better your preservation results will be, but just like understanding how to press each flower type, professionals understand best what flowers are in the right condition to be pressed. If you don’t understand that the one flower you picked out of your bouquet isn’t in great shape for pressing, and you make it the center of your DIY display, you end not just ruining your project, but you’ve also ruined your chances of using your flowers for a new display. You can’t get time back from your flowers, and professionals know which flowers to choose from your bouquet that will enhance your preservations and result in a beautifully framed bouquet you love.
  • Expertise in the lengthy process: Pressing flowers takes a lot of time—months of time—and you don’t simply stick your flowers between the pages of a book and let them go. Instead, you have to check the flowers, refresh the paper to keep moisture off of them, and more. The process is lengthy and tedious, and experts know exactly when to check flowers and how to adjust to give you maximum color and quality from your flowers.

wedding bouquet preservation

3. Offers a Timeless Look

Wedding bouquet preservation has come a long way from when your great-grandma simply hung her bouquet upside down in a barn or closet. In fact, you may think preserving your flowers is an old-fashioned tradition that doesn’t fit with your style. Whether your look favors a cottage core aesthetic or has a more modern flair, a professional preservation process can give you a customized look that looks more like a work of art than a keepsake.

While many brides may make a DIY project out of their bouquets and keep them hidden away in a box, you can use professional services to turn your fresh bouquet into a long-lasting framed art piece that you’ll be eager to keep on display. Since Pressed Floral has different frames and different arrangements to choose from, you can customize your look to fit your style, and even if your style changes, the timeless look of framed flowers offers the flexibility to look perfect in a wide variety of style aesthetics.

Whether you’re planning your wedding flowers now, have finalized your floral look, or are putting plans together for a professional to do your wedding bouquet preservation, consider the quality look you can get from framing your florals with Pressed Floral. Professional preservation by experts who care about the quality of your piece will ensure you get maximum results and a piece you’ll love for a lifetime.