Blooms With a Special Meaning

Blooms With a Special Meaning

Blooms With a Special Meaning

Flowers have a remarkable way of capturing moments and emotions. While we preserve lots of wedding bouquets here at Pressed Floral, it's important to remember that wedding flowers are not the only blooms worth preserving. There are so many events and monumental moments, beyond weddings, that we want to remember. Funeral flowers also hold deep significance and can be preserved to honor the memories of our loved ones. These delicate blossoms, carefully saved, become enduring symbols of love, remembrance, and the profound impact those who have passed on have had in our lives.

Preserving funeral flowers is truly a beautiful way to honor the memories of our loved ones. It's a practice that resonates with the depth of our emotions and the tender moments we shared with those who have passed on.

When we save and preserve these delicate blooms, it's like capturing a piece of their spirit forever. Each pressed flower holds a story, a precious memento of the love and support we expressed during times of loss. They become symbols of comfort, a physical representation of the empathy and compassion we felt in our hearts.

In a world where time moves quickly, these preserved funeral flowers offer solace and connection. They become touchstones of remembrance, reminding us of the beautiful moments we shared and the impact our loved ones had on our lives. By safeguarding these delicate blooms, we provide a tangible representation of the memories and emotions associated with the individuals we have lost.

Susan Fassold's story is a heartwarming testament to the power of love and family. Susan’s family started out as just her, her brother, and her mom until her family of three grew to a family of twelve, almost overnight. Susan’s mom and now dad, a widower with eight children, met, fell in love, and got married in their hometown of Heber, Utah. Their family was one of unconditional love and acceptance and shortly grew from twelve to fifteen! 

Susan’s dad was a selfless person who believed in inclusivity and the idea that there is no such thing as a "step" family. To him, his wife's children were his own, and he raised them as such. 

One thing that made her dad so special was his unique tradition of giving his wife the same exact bouquet for every occasion. These flowers weren't just any ordinary bouquet. They held deep and sentimental meaning, representing the love and connection of a blended family. A bouquet of flowers consisting of eight red roses, five yellow roses, and baby's breath became a symbol of unity and love for their family. Each rose represented one of their children, the red for his kids, the yellow for hers, and the baby's breath were for their grandkids and great-grandkids. As he grew older, he decided to have this special bouquet photographed. He gave his wife the picture of the bouquet so that in case he ever forgot, she could look at the picture and know that he loved her. When Susan’s father passed away, they used the symbolic yellow roses, red roses, and baby's breath for his funeral flowers. 

Shortly after her father’s funeral, Susan dropped off these beautiful blooms and Pressed Floral to be preserved forever. She and her siblings were then able to surprise their sweet mom with a frame for Mother’s Day.

By preserving these flowers, Susan was able to hold onto that symbol of love and unity forever. It's a way to keep her dad's memory alive and honor the special bond he shared with her mom. And for her mom, it's a way to hold onto that special bouquet that her husband gave her every time he bought her flowers. Now, the frame with the preserved blooms will hang next to the picture of the original bouquet, creating a beautiful and heartwarming display that will be treasured for years to come.

Preserving special flowers like these is not just a way to keep them from fading away, but it's a way to hold onto the memories and emotions they represent. It's a way to create a lasting legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation. And in the case of Susan and her family, it's a way to honor the love and connection that brought them all together.

Susan's family is a testament to the power of love and family. They showed that, even in the face of challenges and changes, love can overcome and create a home full of joy, inclusivity, and acceptance. Susan's parents were perfect parents in her eyes, and their love for each other and their family was evident in everything they did. Their story is an inspiration to all of us to create homes full of love, kindness, and selflessness.