Wedding Flowers for Each Season pt. 2

Wedding Flowers for Each Season pt. 2

Wedding Flowers for Each Season pt. 2

Including seasonal flowers in your arrangement guarantees a unique and unforgettable bouquet. Sourcing seasonal flowers can help lower your bouquet costs while ensuring you receive the highest quality of flowers available, and this post will guide you through some of our favorites.


The spring season represents rebirth and renewal and with that offers a wide variety of flowers for any bouquet aesthetic. Here are our top spring flowers:


Precocious flowers add the perfect burst of color to any bouquet while providing a flower unlike any other. These are the perfect statement flowers to create a picturesque bouquet.

Sweet Peas:

With their soft and ruffled appearance, sweet peas possess a distinctly feminine quality and emit a delightful, pleasantly fragrant aroma.



Summer is a vibrant and lively season that is emulated through its seasonal flowers. Here are our top summer flowers:


Coreopsis flowers are perfect for bright contrast in shape and color, making your bouquet POP.


Phlox flowers come in bundles of vibrant colors that are perfect for filling up space in a bouquet.



The fall season is renowned for its rich warm colors which are seen through its flowers. Here are our top fall flowers:



Celosia has one of the most unique shapes ever and a stark red color to brighten your bouquet.


Dianthus will add a rigid and delicate feel to your bouquet and can be found in a variety of colors such as red, pink, white, and purple.



While not usually known for its flowers, winter provides some of the most unique and stunning flowers. Here are our top winter flowers:

Van Zyverden Black Tulips:

Van Zyverden Black Tulips come in a rich deep moody maroon perfect for a bouquet that wants to capture the intensity of winter.


Camellias are one of the softest flowers that can highlight winter's delicate and subtle side.