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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Q&As below for more information on our products or what to expect with our custom framed flowers. Have a question not answered here?

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How soon do I need to book?

We can accept your order any time up to four days after your event date. This ensures that your flowers still can be in good condition. We recommend submitting your order in advance of your event date, so that you can plan for getting your arrangement to our shop.


How long does it take?

Completion time is dependant on your event date. Refer to this page to see what current turnaround times are.  As our process is delicate and we will not sacrifice time for quality. In our process, we focus on all moisture being removed. It takes time and attention. We want your product to be perfect, as well as the flowers to be fully preserved. Our design process is lengthy and specific to each client. We promise it is well worth the wait!


I'm not from Utah - how can I get this done?

Pressed Floral does all US orders! In fact, 90% of our orders are from outside of our home state. Shipping is not a problem and there are many ways to get your flowers to us in great condition. Just pay for shipping at checkout and you will be sent all shipping information post-order. You will be in charge of getting your flowers to us. Plan on paying anything from $50-400 to ship your flowers our way. Cost will vary depending on how fast you choose to ship your bouquet. If your flowers do not get to us in good enough condition, you will be notified. If your flowers are deemed in unworkable condition, you will receive a refund and your order will be cancelled. All this info as well as tips, tricks, and instructions on how to ship your bouquet are sent after ordering. You can also see this instruction in our footer menu "Shipping your bouquet". When shipping, we suggest UPS - here is a link to calculate approximate cost of shipping.


If I am located internationally can I use your services?

If you are located outside of the US we recommend finding a professional in your country. Email us and we can have possible recommendations. We can accept orders out of the US. We do recommend quick shipping, and will work with the blooms condition upon arrival. Please note that customs and border control can cause your package to be delayed. If you are International you will be paying for the shipment of your finished piece back to you. This will be calculated at checkout, as well as with a handling fee. International orders do not ever qualify for free shipping.


How are flowers pressed and preserved?

It has taken years to learn what we have about pressing flowers of all types. Sarah, the CEO, has educated our team to perfection with all that she has learned through her years of experience, trial, and error. We have created out own systems and processes based on our expertise. If you are trying to press flowers yourself, start by pressing flowers between two pages of a book with plenty of weight on top! When it comes to preserving sentimental floral arrangements, such as your wedding bouquet, hire us as your professional preservation experts to ensure the best quality possible. You have one shot at preserving these beautiful pieces - all of us at Pressed Floral are professionals and ensure your blooms are in the best hands. We love doing what we are doing!


How soon do you need the flowers?

The sooner the better. We recommend within 3 days of your event, the blooms are usually workable within one week. Prior to them being delivered to our shop, be sure to keep them in the fridge and/or in water with fresh cut stems! Signs that your bouquet is not workable: The flowers crumble to the touch, or the bases are beginning to mold.


Can you incorporate ribbons, pendants, or other sentimental items?

Do not send any ribbons, pendants, handkerchiefs, or other sentimental items with your floral arrangements. They will not be used in the final product and will be discarded upon arrival.


Are there any flowers that cannot be pressed?

We are so proud to announce that we can press most any flower. There are some that cannot be thinned. These include, and are not limited to: artificial flowers, silver brunia balls, some pincushions, billy balls, cactus, pinecones, additional fruits + vegetables, and pendants.


Will the colors fade after the bouquet is already framed?

Flowers will continue to fade for their entire lifetime. If you take care of your frame, additional fading can be minimized. The more your frame is exposed to sunlight, the greater chance and speed of fading. When you receive your frame, it WILL fade more than what you see. Enjoy the frame for decades to come!


Will all of my flowers be pressed?

Not all will be pressed, and not all that are pressed will be used. Our team will go through and choose the best quality and in best condition flowers prior to pressing and framing to ensure the best final product. This is all part of our artists creative liberty to produce a product they are perfectly proud of for our clients.


How does payment work?

Full payment is required to fulfill your order. We want bouquet preservation to be available to all because of how priceless this custom piece of art is. We are confident you will not regret adding this to your event needs. However, we have the following options below.

1. We offer ShopPay so that you can pay in 4 interest-free payments/month. You can find this option on the product you are interest in. Select "view sample plans".

2. We have a page dedicated to instruction on how to add Bouquet preservation to your wedding registry. Check out registry options here.

3. We have size options as small as an 8x10. We also have a Custom square single option that we love.

You can submit your order through our online store.