Wedding Florals: Bride’s Guide to Floral Details!

Wedding Florals: Bride’s Guide to Floral Details!

Wedding Florals: Bride’s Guide to Floral Details!

We all know that stunning wedding florals bring the entire wedding together. What’s a wedding without the bride’s bouquet or stunning table arrangements? However, it can be easy to forget about little details that are important to consider. Are you worried your bouquet will get damaged in the bouquet toss? Do you have a flower girl to sprinkle flower petals? Do you want to designate the bride and groom’s chairs with flowers at the rehearsal dinner? Do your bridesmaids want bouquets? How do you want them to differ from yours? We’re here to help you consider all the details when it comes to the florals on your special day.

Bride’s Bouquet

Do you have plans to get your bouquet professionally preserved, but are worried about it getting damaged in the age-old tradition of tossing your bouquet? We have a solution! Talk with your florist about making you a separate, smaller bouquet, specifically for the toss. Not only will this mean that you don’t have to launch your beautiful bouquet high into the air, but you can get those stems into a vase of water quicker.

Bridal Wedding Bouquet Spring


Groom’s Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are extremely delicate and can be one of the first florals to wilt. If you want your groom’s boutonniere to last the entire day, I would talk to your florist about making 2 boutonnieres for the groom (especially if you’re getting married during the warm summer months!) Get one he can rock all morning long, and another he can use to replace when the first one starts to wilt during the early evening mark.

groom and groomsmen boutineer


Bride and Groom Dinner Florals

Whether the bride and groom are sitting at a banquet table, or at one long communal table, it’s always fun to have some florals to compliment.  They can be on or around your chairs, or at your place settings to set your seats apart from everyone else’s. Think banquet table arrangements, chair garlands, bride and groom bud vases, etc.

wedding dinner table florals


“Other” Table Florals

There are a lot of other table arrangements to consider besides the dinner tables. There’s also the cake table, welcome table, and many others. Consider if you want arrangements on or around these tables and what that looks like. Do you want flowers around or even on your wedding cake? What about a pretty arrangement next to the guestbook? You could even pair a flower with each seating chart placement!

 wedding cake, spring florals


Flower Petals - Ring Ceremony, Wedding Exit, etc.

We all dream of having a flower girl sprinkle flower petals down the aisle at the ceremony. Or maybe you want petals tossed when exiting the ceremony place or reception. Ask your florist to bring extra flower petals for these purposes. Leave it to your bridesmaids to have this all arranged day the of.

 flower girl wedding basket


Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

Whether you have a couple of bridesmaids or a lot of bridesmaids, it’s important to consider if you want them to have bouquets and what they would look like. If you have a classic white bouquet, do you want them to have cohesive white arrangements, or colorful bouquets to clearly separate yours from the bunch? On the contrary, do you want a colorful bouquet with their’s matching or more neutral? Do you even want them to have bouquets?? Consider how your bridal party pictures would look with or without them. But remember, even small posy bouquets can add up, so consider this carefully.

 bridesmaid bouquets


Reuse, reuse, reuse!

One of the biggest wedding floral hacks is to reuse, reuse, reuse! Reuse your ceremony aisle florals for welcome table and cake table florals. You can reuse a ceremony arch or installation for a photo op for guests. Recycle dinner table arrangements for the reception, and use your bridesmaids’ bouquets after the ceremony in vases. There are so many ways to reuse wedding florals on your day, so if you’re working with a tight budget, get creative and work with your florist on all the possibilities!


Now that you are thinking about the world of possibilities when it comes to your wedding florals, we hope you are inspired to get creative and work with your florist on creating the florals of your dreams!
Don’t forget that Pressed Floral is here to assist in preserving any of your precious wedding florals so you can admire those memories forever!