Where to hang your Pressed Floral frame.

a guide to where to place your preserved wedding bouquet to see daily

Every room just needs the right amount of detail.

You know what I am talking about! Have you ever walked into a room and just thought ‘ick’, I sure have! Now picture this, you walk into a room where the color choice, textures, and layout are perfection. As your eyes continue to scan the room you notice a beautiful piece of artwork on the wall. This piece of artwork is a frame filled with pressed flowers, pressed flowers from your wedding bouquet …. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

You deserve to have a frame so custom to you, so meaningful to you, and beautiful in everyone's eyes! Personally, I love art but could never understand how individuals were able to stare at a simple painting and uncover a deep meaning. I believe everything has a story, but how could a simple art piece have such a big story to it?

Think of your own personal art gallery displayed throughout your home. It is filled with paintings you admire. Among these pieces of art is your pressed wedding bouquet. As you admire your pressed frame you are reminded of the whole story! The first moment your husband saw you in your dress, he was speechless and grinning ear to ear. How happy you were the day you got to marry the love of your life. Your family members who joined, showed their love and excitement for you. Your dance with your father. The whole sentimental celebration. As I admire my pressed frame each and every day I have finally been able to join the club...

the club of thoughtful admirers of art.

Now the question of where to hang your frame!

Your frame should be in a place where there is no direct sunlight in order to preserve the color and the flowers from fading at a faster rate. Additionally, keep your frame from building up dust every so often by wiping it with a clean cloth.

Using your inner interior designer, think of where in your home you could place your frame? Where it makes sense for wall layout, furniture placement, and can be easily admired. Personally, I have my gorgeous frame right above my cute fiddle leaf fig tree, right next to my wooden dresser and gold circle mirror. It may sound like a lot is going on here, but it is perfect for me. To put it in more simpler terms...

each and every morning I not only get to wake up next to my husband but I get to see my FRAME! :) Where are you going to hang your beautiful frame?