Why should you get your bouquet pressed?

a testimonial on the best possible wedding purchase for a bride

I am a 2021 bride

I just recently went through all the wedding planning, engagement stages, bridal parties, ceremonies, and celebrations for me and my husband’s wedding day. It was a DREAM. The best day ever. I wish that I could relive it over and over again. There is no way to accurately describe the feelings of your wedding day other than pure joy.


You might currently be that bride. Planning your wedding.


Planning a wedding is crazy. It is fun, it is stressful, and it’s a whole lot of decisions that must be made. If I could leave one piece of advice to you for that day, it would be to enjoy every moment. Enjoy every moment to its fullest. Take a walk around your reception before everyone comes, look at the décor, the food displays, your cake, your flowers. Pass every mirror you can to take a glance at you in your wedding gown. Ask your friends and family to take endless photos. Hug everyone you see, dance your heart out, and just love every moment with your husband on that day. This is my advice. This is my advice because, once again, I would relive it over and over again if I could, but once you leave that venue the physical celebration is over. What a magical day.


What does this have to do about getting your wedding bouquet pressed?


It has everything to do with your wedding bouquet being pressed. Any bride would do anything for 100 more photos, 2 more minutes of footage, a recording of their vows, a chance to hold their wedding bouquet again. Anything that is a memory from that day. The best addition to your budget is not the extra tier on your wedding cake, or the extra drink option at cocktail hour, or the additional side dish at your dinner. The best addition is a STUNNING piece of art that lasts FOREVER and is a custom sentimental piece created from your original wedding bouquet!!!!!! I could GOOOO off. This is a no brainer in my mind.


By hiring a professional to preserve your bouquet, you get to have it forever!!!!


There are three things you will see daily that could remind you of your special day. Your wedding ring, your wedding photos, and your preserved wedding bouquet being displayed on the most loved wall in your home.


As a reminder, you have one shot at this. Pressing flowers is a art and takes time to perfect. There is no room for mistake when preserving your wedding bouquet. Get it preserved and hire a professional to do it right! Pressed Floral is here for you.