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5 Best Wedding Flower Trends for 2023

5 Best Wedding Flower Trends for 2023

Whether you want your flowers to be the main attraction that pulls your wedding décor together or you plan for them to merely be an accent in the greater scene, you want to get your wedding flowers right. Most couples spend a lot of time and energy not just selecting the perfect flowers but also putting together the perfect color palette and flower story for their big day.

Some want to be trendsetters with their flowers. Some want to be on trend. Some want to stay away from trends altogether. Regardless of which group you fall into, before you speak to your florist about your wedding bouquet flowers and how those will complement your wedding and reception installations, you need to know what wedding flower trends are hot for 2023, and this post walks you through some of the biggest ones you’ll see this year.

wedding bouquet flowers

1. Smaller Wedding Bouquet Flowers

While garden weddings and farm-to-table themes contributed to grand bouquets last year, more couples are downsizing bouquets in 2023. Handheld posies, however, don’t have to be simplistic to follow this trend. In fact, thoughtful arrangements are providing impact without simply transforming larger bouquets into smaller versions.

To keep up with this trend, you can always opt for a classic all-white bouquet, using just a few larger white flowers and greenery or sticking to a handheld uniform bunch of smaller-sized white flowers. On the other hand, if you want to add drama or impact, florists are skipping the impulse to just add more flowers. Instead, they add a big impact with a small addition of color and greenery. Not only will vibrant colors pack a floral punch, but they also make a beautiful foundation for wedding flower preservation.

2. Grand Installations

Although bouquets are getting smaller, installations for ceremonies and receptions remain large and luxurious. Grand installations with uncomplicated color palettes are still adorning ceremonies as you saw in 2022, but 2023 is adding some nuance to these striking displays.

This year, couples are not recreating spaces with these ambitious installations. Instead, they are using them to highlight interesting areas within their reception space to offer a beautiful backdrop for photos as well as a visual feature to pull the reception décor together. In addition, low-lying installations are trending and extending to table décor as well.

3. Using Greenery and Earthy Elements

Those who are watching their budget may be happy to know that the greenery trend from the past few years isn’t going anywhere in 2023, but it is getting a new twist with earthy tones and elements making their mark. Earthy elements are being introduced into wedding flowers this year by adding pods or unexpected greenery to arrangements or using fairy-like elements, such as mosses to adorn reception tables.

When it comes to your wedding bouquet flowers and installations, greenery can offer a budget-friendly choice by including a few vibrant flowers surrounded with varied elements of greenery. Greenery doesn’t have to read economical, however. Your florist can advise you how to best add a lush look through varied elements as well as textures. Plus, greenery makes a fantastic backdrop for wedding flower preservation.

wedding bouquet flowers

4. Vibrant and Varied Color Palettes

Although Barbie-core may have you wanting a cluster of pink roses for your wedding bouquet, vibrant and varied color palettes are keeping weddings trendy and interesting in 2023. While following a trend may not be your style, this trend offers couples endless variety and selection for their weddings.

Vibrant colors allow you to style your big day in a unique way, whether you’re following a specific theme or just pulling together a more eclectic design. The use of such vibrant and varied colors allows you to follow your personal aesthetic more closely to keep your wedding a reflection of you.

Jewel tones are definitely the hot colors for 2023, and high-impact florals mean using these regal colors to highlight bouquets and table arrangements or using a variety of these colors to make an even greater statement. Whatever you decide, using vibrant colors in your wedding bouquet flowers allows you to have the perfect palette for wedding flower preservation.

5. Color Blocking and Mono-Floral Arrangements

When deciding just how to incorporate color into your flowers this year, color blocking is the right direction for 2023. Florists are happy to keep pastels in the past and are embracing vibrant colors by creating mass quantities of color.

While color blocking often offers texture by using a variety of flowers in the same color, using a single variety in one mass of color is elevating the color-blocking trend in 2023. However, if you like the texture that flower varieties bring to an arrangement, then the new twist to this trend may be an elegant choice that fits your style better. Ombre color blocking introduces an exciting and impactful option, which you can execute by using a single variety in varying shades or by using the texture of a wide range of varieties in several gradual shades.

Whether you want to follow wedding flower trends or ignore them, understanding what choices are trending can help you make decisions about florals for your big day. Florists pay attention to trends, which inform their choices in terms of supply. So knowing what’s trending may also help you understand what might be outside your budget or outside your florist’s immediate supply.

Regardless of what you decide, your flowers should be a reflection of you and your style aesthetic, so it’s worth the time and investment to get them right. Your wedding bouquet flowers are the one item you carry with you from the ceremony to the reception, and you want them to be perfect, to tie your wedding together, and to look perfect with your dress—including your reception attire if you make a wardrobe change.

Use these trending ideas to inform your decisions and make selections that not only result in perfect flowers on your wedding day but also make excellent options for professional wedding flower preservation so you can have a lasting memory of your beautiful day.