A Look into our Preservation Process

A Look into our Preservation Process

A Look into our Preservation Process

Welcome to Pressed Floral! We’re happy you’ve decided to entrust us with your special flowers. We promise to create a design you’ll love, and want to give you a little bit more of a deep dive into our process! 

At Pressed Floral, we deeply value the quality of the products we send to each and every customer. We never compromise our quality for timing, which is why our process takes longer than some may anticipate. We fully understand the sentimental value these flowers hold, so we treat them with such care. 

When we first receive your bouquet, we’ll unbox it and take a photo of the condition it arrived in. We do this for both our records and yours. In addition, we take a video of the flowers for our records only. This video’s purpose is to show all the flowers included and their condition better than a photo alone could. Next, we’ll press them! Each flower is prepared according to its flower type depending on the thickness, color, and shape. All flowers that arrived in good condition and that would fit into the frame size ordered then get pressed. We have a large-scale, custom flower press explicitly made for the pressing and preserving these special blooms. Your flowers live in our flower press for the next few months. During the initial few weeks, we’ll check the flowers periodically to see how they are pressing and change the paper to minimize browning. After the drying process, your account will be updated to “ready to frame.” Your blooms are then put in the queue to be designed. This stage may take four to six weeks before your flowers are assigned to an artist to begin. We take extra precautions throughout the entire process to ensure that your flowers are preserved the best they can with the condition that they arrived. 

Once completely dry, your pressed flowers will begin to be designed in your frame of choice. We offer two different design styles: classic and abstract options. The classic Pressed Floral design is a bird’s eye view mimic of the flowers on the event day. The blooms are designed cohesively to look like a bouquet. We overlap flowers, use fillers throughout, and shape the design with greenery. Our abstract option can be many different layouts. We have many photos of abstract designs on our social media and website. Abstract designs can consist of a scattered look, a garden style, or a custom shape/design requested by the client. Overall, we know that this piece will be admired for years to come, and we want it to be perfect for you. We take all requests and customizations into consideration when designing. When the initial design is complete, Your artist will upload a photo to your account. After this photo is uploaded to your online account, you can approve or disapprove of the design. If you disapprove, it is required to provide us with clear reasons and we will do our best to redesign it to your specifications. It is then redesigned to your specifications as we see fit. You will receive a follow-up photo of the new design. Once approved, the design is affixed with an adhesive to ensure it doesn’t move around in the frame. We allow 2-3 days for the adhesive to dry thoroughly before sealing the frame.

Next, your frame is prepared for shipment or pick up. We do all we can to bring the frame to our quality standard, with no scratches or smudge marks on the glass. We also check the frame for no imperfections. Once the final product passes our quality check, we wrap and carefully package it in our custom packaging for our product. We have custom designed our packaging to protect it during delivery. It is then prepared to be picked up in store, or it is shipped out to you! Because we want you to get the best quality frame possible, it may take up to two weeks after you approve the design for it to be shipped out. Once it has shipped, you will receive a tracking number with the estimated arrival time via email. 

From there, you can display your beautiful custom piece of art however you want! If your frame arrives broken or damaged in shipment, please email or call us, and we can fix it for you at no additional cost. For your frame to age with the least amount of color fading, we recommend displaying your frame out of direct sunlight as well as in humid areas, such as a bathroom or kitchen. . We always adore seeing how customers display their custom art. Whether in the hallway, above the headboard, or on a shelf, we love seeing the piece admired every day. 

It is entirely natural for frames to fade as the years go by. Fading is the case because our preservation process is fully organic. We do not preserve flowers with any type of spray or dye. Flowers naturally change color when moisture is pulled from them, and they may turn a different shade depending on the type of flower and color. For example, white flowers may change to a yellow or brown, red roses may turn a deep purple, and all flowers may become a darker or lighter shade. Some florals that tend to retain color throughout the process better than others are Larkspur, Ranunculus, and Delphinium. Colors such as orange, purple, and blue also tend to stay more prominent. White florals, specifically roses and anthurium, don't preserve well. Other floral species that don’t preserve well are sunflowers, stock flowers, and lisianthus.

There is a lot of love that goes into your custom product. Being able to create a sentimental piece of art to be admired forever is so special. We appreciate your patience with us as we make it the most perfect and special piece of art in your home. Thank you for choosing Pressed Floral!