Bloom arrangement recreation

Antique White Bloom arrangement recreation
Lavender Bloom arrangement recreation

Bloom arrangement recreation

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Our recreation option allows clients to replicate a special flower arrangement as a unique piece of art. This provides the perfect solution for clients who may have missed an opportunity to take advantage of our services in the past, or simply wish to have a replica of their favorite arrangement.


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Quick, hassle free, and cost friendly bloom box available for all clients

- Saves an average of $300 on shipping cost 
- All material needed delivered right to your door 
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what to expect

Our mission is to preserve life's special moments through fine art.

Through our preservation process, we maintain the vibrant colors of your memories. However, once framed, we let nature take its course, allowing the flowers to naturally fade over time. We appreciate the authentic beauty in this process and choose not to artificially enhance colors. Count on us to preserve your memories with genuine care and expertise.

How should I expect my flowers to change color when preserved?

It is very likely that your blooms will change color during the preservation process. There are many blooms that stay vibrant, and stay true to their original color. On the other hand, there are many blooms that do and will change color during preservation. It is a natural part of the drying process and is to be expected with certain blooms. The most common blooms that will change color in preservation is pastel colored roses, Dahlias, Red Roses, and others that are featured in the diagram to the right. 

If you were to hang dry your blooms, the color of each bloom changes color over time. The way that color changes in blooms naturally by hanging, is similar to the color change that occurs when being pressed. 


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