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Bloom Protection - Pressed Floral

Bloom Protection

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Bloom Protection - Pressed Floral

Bloom Protection



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Pressed Floral Bloom Protection


Coverage: Pressed Floral Bloom Protection safeguards your precious blooms during shipping and preservation. It covers:

Damaged Blooms: This category encompasses blooms that suffer damage in transit to Pressed Floral, including those arriving in a condition unsuitable for preservation. Coverage extends to blooms that may not survive the preservation process due to various natural factors.

Conditions: Eligibility hinges on the purchase of Bloom Protection with your initial order, and liability is contingent on blooms arriving within five days of your event.

Exclusions: Bloom Protection only applies if you adhere to our shipping instructions. Protection is excluded if the blooms arrive at our facility more than five days after the event or if they are lost or stolen in transit.

Replacement and Compensation: We will cover the costs associated with damaged blooms as defined in the coverage.

Our goal is to safeguard your treasured blooms, ensuring their safe arrival and exquisite preservation. 

Premium Materials

Our high quality materials are made to protect your blooms to last forever.

Reliable shipping

Our bloom shipping box safeguards your flowers during transit and offers cost-effective delivery.


Each of our products is 100% hand-designed to be unique and authentic.

Personalized Care

Our custom client app provides frequent communication and support at every step.

Our promise

We're committed to ensuring your finished piece is loved, by requiring your approval before completion.

How you can customize

Personalize the perfect keepsake with vows, wedding invites, stationary, or customized design requests for letters, colors, bloom layouts. We are happy to customize to your needs, for a piece to cherish forever. Simply add to your customizations box your requests.


Frequently asked questions

We understand the sentimental value these blooms hold. Please refer to our frequently asked questions, and if you have any further inquiries our client care team will be more than happy to speak with you. 

It is very likely that your blooms will change color during the preservation process. Featured below are some before and afters of common blooms. This can demonstrate the possibilities for changes in your blooms during preservation.


We can preserve most all blooms and species, as well as some fruits and vegetables. If you have some time before your event and would like some direction on blooms that preserve best, please refer to this blog post that lines out our favorite blooms.

Our clients' are located all over the country and are able to safely ship their blooms to our location. We outline in detail how to ship your blooms, as well as offer a Bloom Shipping Box for our clients' convenience.

White blooms can continue to fade over time. As experts in preservation we hold vibrant color at the time of preservation and framing. Many blooms hold their color well, others can brown over time. White roses, and pastel pink roses tend to take it's natural course to continual color change. 

All types of fine art have fading over time and can represent many things. If you are not a fan of natural fading and color changing, floral preservation may not be for you.

White blooms may change color during preservation. Many can change to a yellower hue. Our processes our natural and chemical free, so blooms will also hold any wilt or browning that the petals had upon arrival.

All of our glass options are 99% UV protected to safe guard your blooms for generations. 

It is still recommended not to hang your art piece in direct sunlight.

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Elizabeth Kawa

Bloom Protection

Katherine Skoff

Bloom Protection

John Metts

I love this product!! Awesome customer service! I strongly recommend using this company! I will not use another company for these products!