We are doing an exclusive giveaway, ONLY for our clients! If you have purchased anything with us, you can have a chance to win a $495 gift card to gift to a friend or family member! Price is equivalent to a 16x20 custom frame. 

Our goal is to spread the word of our services for our future clients, so that everyone that would like to, has an opportunity to preserve their life's special moments. Everything we do at Pressed Floral is for you and those special memories.


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Post a cute photo or reel on your Instagram or TikTok feed showing off your Pressed Floral product. It could be you unboxing your custom frame, gifting a Birth Flower Necklace to a loved one, or whatever you decide to come up with! Just remember to include the hashtag #PressedFloralUnboxing



Leave us a review on Google! This not only helps us as a company, but allows many others to hear your sentimental stories so that they have the chance to preserve their memories to last a lifetime!



Share content of your product on your Instagram story and tag us! You can add your post to your story or create something completely new! We want to see your creativity! Don't forget to tag @pressedfloral_


1. Reviews must be under the name on the order, or email us proof of the review.
2. Post and story must occur within the same month.
3. The post needs to stay live all month; the story for 24 hours, tagging us in both.
4. If your account is private, send a screenshot of the story.


Gift cards will be sent out at the end of each month. It is important to note that all three steps are required in order to be considered for this giveaway and to receive a gift card. Gift cards are to Pressed Floral and cannot be used as a reimbursement for a previous or current orders.