Why choose us

Giving you the ease to trust us with your special blooms

An easy way for you to track the status of your custom order with us

We've put in significant effort to create a unique application that simplifies our intricate, multistep preservation process, making it easy to follow and offering a personalized experience for each of our clients.

We understand that our clients appreciate updates and any piece of information they can see regarding their blooms. This app will help keep you informed.

• See your blooms upon arrival

• Watch the status of your blooms and understand the process

• Receive photo updates

• Approve or revise your finished design

• Contact our team

• Change your shipping address

• Add event photos

• And much more

One on one design service

Before sealing the design for preservation, we offer all our clients a chance to review and approve the finished design photo. This process allows our clients to request any desired revisions, guaranteeing a final design that they will treasure forever.

We will continue to make revisions between our client and their designer until the design is approved to be sealed forever.

This is an exclusive service unique to Pressed Floral™.

exceptional client care

Our team is made up of individuals passionate about the work we do, an eye for perfection, and love for all our clients that put their trust in us. We are honored to be able to provide this special service.

Trusted professionals

Since our inception in 2019, we've had the privilege of dedicating our time to a continuous pursuit of improving our processes and techniques. Our goal has always been to establish ourselves as the most trusted artisans in the world of floral preservation. Over the years, we've collaborated with more than 10,000 clients, working on a variety of arrangements. This extensive experience has equipped us with the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the finest preservation and design services to our valued clients.

Multiple quality checks

We perform over seven quality checks per order to provide the best color retention, floral structure, debri minimization, fingerprint elimination, premier sealant, and overall perfect preservation.

These quality checks are time intensive, yet necessary for us to continue to provide the best quality product for our clients.

Finest Quality Material Available

In our processes, we meticulously choose only the finest materials, aiming to deliver the highest quality for all our clients. Additionally, we offer luxurious add-ons to ensure a personalized experience and craft a premium work of art.

Premium shipping

Our packaging is uniquely crafted to provide the utmost protection for the delicate and sentimental pieces contained within. These pieces hold immeasurable value, and we have dedicated significant effort to create packaging that ensures their safeguarding.

In addition, we mandate a signature upon delivery to guarantee the security of your priceless item, preventing any loss or theft. All of this is provided while maintaining the convenience of free shipping for all custom products.


Our custom framer treats Pressed Floral as an esteemed artisan among his clientele. Kheng's craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing, and he maintains a commitment to utilizing only the highest-quality materials and techniques. We feel privileged to offer these top-tier, entirely handcrafted frames from start to finish.