Abstract frame design

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This abstract frame design is a perfect combination of art and custom design. It features an abstract, one-of-a-kind look that can be adapted to suit any aesthetic. With various customization options and variant options, this design is perfect for any style.

Please send a photo of a design you would like to mimic if it is not listed below.


This design has the blooms "growing" from the bottom of the frame. All blooms are touching the base of the frame, or otherwise floating in the "sky". This design more stems will be preserved, and is recommended for bouquets that have wildflowers, delphinium, larkspur, or other stalk like blooms.


This Design has the blooms designed from opposite corners, growing into the center, but never meeting in the middle. 


This layout extends from corner to corner, meeting in the middle. All blooms will be floating corner to corner, unless otherwise specified. Please customize if you like when the flowers are all touching. 


This layout individualizes each the bloom to lay on its own (not touching another bloom). Each bloom is complimented by the blooms near it, they are evenly spaced throughout the frame.


Pressed Floral is here to preserve, press, and frame your wedding bouquet so that it can be kept forever in a beautiful way! These preservations are handled with so much care with the intention to keep the style of your bouquet and be a beautiful piece of art to keep forever. It is unique to you.


Frames made from solid wood and sealed for life. Brackets included for the ease of hanging in your home! Rubber stoppers to protect your wall. 99% UV protective glass.

Antique Gold frames are hand foiled with real gold.

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Flowers are best within a week of the event.

Shipping flowers to Pressed Floral is your responsibility. You will be sent all shipping information with your order confirmation. We have clients ship from across the country, it is not as difficult as it may seem!

All time estimates are based upon the time of your event. Current turnaround times can be found here.

Take a look at our Terms and conditions for additional notes to consider prior to your order.

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